Program Masters Big Data and Business Analytics UNED

Modules and Description of the Program

1. Foundations of Big Data

In this module we will understand the concept of Big Data and the possibilities of applying it in the real world, indicating the techniques of storage and processing used to handle massive data.

  • It learns that it is Big Data
  • Opportunities and challenges of Big Data
  • Introduction to the technologies of Big Data
  • Examples of scenes of application of cheap vps cloud hosting with Big Data

2. NoSQL, data bases SQL and Herramientas de Business Intelligence

ssd vps hosting

3. Technologies of the Big Data and Herramientas of last generation for Big Data

In this module we will review the technologies around the area of Big Data like SSD cloud VPS hosting and its use as services in the cloud. We will happen through the main areas of all project of Big Data: ingestion, preparation, analysis and consumption.

Parallel architectures of Big Data and Cloud Computing
Internet of the Things
Tools of last generation

4. Analysis and Mining of Data

In this module we will learn to detect the suitable information to deduce landlords and tendencies.

Introduction and machine learning with R
Advanced packages of R
Introducción and Machine Learning with Python
Visualization Outpost
It dates Governance

5. Business Analytics and analytical thought in the company

In this subject several real cases of Big Data solutions applied to different departments from an organization will be reviewed. The realised approaches, the produced improvements and the technological and internal barriers will be reviewed to take to end the necessary transformations.

Systems of Support to the Decision.
Marketing and Sales
Financial Economic management
Operations and Logistic

6. Applications of Business in the Company

In this module we will learn to transform the unlimited hosting data into knowledge as enterprise strategy to increase the competitiveness basing to us on historical information.

7. Science data applied to the company

Which are the fundamental features that differentiate to a company oriented to the data? What advantages obtain the companies that integrate in their DNA the concept of Science Data. In this module schemes will be reviewed that allow to measure the level of maturity of a company as far as their direction to the data to finish with a set of recommendations to start up an equipment Science Data. What balance of profiles needs? , what type of internal organization recommends himself and the suitable approach to confront the projects Science Data?

  • The company oriented to the Data:
    • Characteristics.
    • Levels of Maturity
  • Needs of “Science Data” by type of organization.
  • Constructing a team of “scientists of data”.
  • Structure of a project

8. Text Mining in Social Average

In this module we will learn to analyze texts in order to extract information. Extracting information of the data generated in the social networks.

  • Extracting information of the data generated in the social networks
  • Text Mining

9. Open Data

The open dates is a tendency that although is born in the governmental institutions has extended to other scopes. In this module we will concentrate in how finding those data and how to incorporate them to our projects.

  • What is does the open date?
  • How to find data and to incorporate them to our projects.
  • Open dates governmental: Tendencies in opened government, participation and transparency.
  • Other sources of open data
  • Sources of open algorithms

10. Privacy and protection of data

The objective of this module is to understand the legal requirements and norms that must fulfill the systems that make effective use of data of third people, along with the rights of the users in the matter of privacy and protection of their personal data.

  • The fundamental right in the matter of protection of personal data and privacy of protection of personal character data.
  • Privacy and protection of personal data in Big Data
  • The anonimización and the dissosciation of personal data

11. To undertake its project in Big Data

  • Lean Start methodology up and Business Model Canvas
  • Map of empathy and viable minimum product
  • Plan of business.
  • Alternatives of financing