Pre-registration Masters Big Data and Business Analytics


Methodology and Activities:

The methodology of the master in Big Data and Business Analytics is especially practical and is based on the method of the case.

The reinforcement, valuation and pursuit of the learned thing are analyzed through practical cases. This method makes possible to determine the tactically important points in the processes of business in the enterprise surroundings and of enabling to the student in the management of the necessary abilities, as well as in the decision making.

The dynamics of this methodology is developed by means of a platform online through as the sessions of class, masterclasses are distributed, is acceded to documentation and resources, as explanatory videos, and interact with the formed community companions and professors. It is had dynamic forums where doubts and incidences will be solved.

The master is distributed in the remote modality, although some actual sessions of nonobligatory attendance have been programmed. It is anticipated, also, the collaboration of diverse professionals of the sector in the virtual platform.

This type of education allows:

    • To make compatible with any activity, being eliminated limitations of location and schedules.
    • The practical application allows the assimilation of the learned thing, and stimulates the personal reflection through analysis and the elaboration of conclusions.
    • It foments the interaction in the community by the operation simplicity.
    • It guarantees a customized attention and as well as a pursuit individualized during the course.
    • Possibility of acceding from any place to the virtual campus, the documentation, exercises, videos, dynamic and evaluations.
    • It is a format that adapts to any situation and schedule fomenting the technical formation at the high level.

Criteria of Qualification and Evaluation:

The knowledge acquired by the students in each one of the modules will be applied in real cases. One will be due to realise and to solve suitable and individually the propose activities by the teaching staff and will have to elaborate a project masters aim in which all the acquired competitions of all the matters exhibited during the course with the different tools will be shaped. The presentation of these works will be obligatory to obtain the title.


Price of matriculation: 3.480€

Obligatory Didactic material: 600 €

Foreign degree:

In case of acceding to the master with foreign degree it will have to indicate it in the request and the documentation will be indicated to send so that their request is authorized:

  • Identity card (Copy) *
  • University degree (collated Copy) *
  • Curriculum vitae

* subject Information to changes without previous warning.