Master Big Data and Business Analytics


You want to be an expert in Big Data and Business Analytics? These interested in being a specialist in analysis and data processing? You want to work more in the demanded profession and with labor perspective majors? It learns the competitions necessary to develop your professional work in industry 4,0 with the Master Big Data UNED.

That is Big Data? 

I finish Big Data talks about to the technology and procedures to handle the storage, processing and analysis of enormous amounts of data of different origins at a high speed, therefore they cannot be manipulated with traditional tools, with the aim of generating excellent knowledge, that has value. One is information been worth for the decision making of business, and therefore, opportunities to develop to new products or services of a more efficient way generating competitive advantages. Big Data or Big Data Analytics is the problematic culmination of the analytical one from the area of the analysis of the consumer, goes beyond the surroundings CRM and Business Intelligence.


Digital transformation towards Big Data

The nature of the data at the moment differs from the past. The incessant technological advance allows that multiple devices between which we lived issue information in different formats and giants are generated data bases of registries of all type. All this information talks about, among others, to excellent facts on our behavior as user, a supersaturation of enormous volumes of data that grow exponentially.


The combination to collect data filtered trustworthy in real time, along with the necessity of the company to orient itself to the client as main strategy of business, is fundamental to cause a new approach. A more exact direction is able this way to determine models of prediction, tendencies of consumer, to optimize the financial production and costs, risks and to suitably value the investments in terms of ROI, that the one that obtains from surveys and other sources of reduced dimensions. It is a step more in the digital transformation of the present enterprise surroundings.

Demand of professionals

The companies and organisms are conscious of this necessity and need to incorporate professionals with new competitions and abilities that allow to confront the data analysis, “Analytics Data” in concrete surroundings of business. These also must know the associated needs and costs the massive data processing in the cloud to extract value of the same, improving the efficiency and the processes nail of an organization or business and looking for synergies with the Internet of Cosas (IOT), the Movable Internet and the Computation in the Cloud (Cloud Computing).

Profiles of Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, Science Data, Big date, Dedicated Server are the demanded qualified professionals more at the moment.

Advantages to study a masters ONLINE


You do not depend on fixed schedules

Space for its working life or personnel with the academic one accedes at any time to the courses of the day and from any place, leaving.


Individualized communication

The educational ones have more possibility of interacting with each student of individual form.


Value to the rise in the labor market

The courses online require organization, discipline and responsibility on the part of the student, aptitudes that soon will be valued when entering the work market.


Communications, classes and material always to disposition

Through the platform of the masters online the student has permanent access to the classes with the professors and the material of study to consult it whichever times needs.

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Objectives of the Big Data Master online

The Masters in Big Data UNED must as objective form to the student with main the platforms and technological tools of last generation, centered in the information storage coming from different digital means multi-channel. From a point of view I always practice, solving problematic analytical real of immediate way or with stored data.


The mixed approach of the Big Data course allows to confront technological and analytical profiles, as well as the focused ones to the business processes. One requires the design and the implementation of the Big Data architecture in his planning, with the purpose of identifying insights, strategic lines of growth, and to make decisions from business through an analysis of the data.


The purpose is to train scientists in the extraction and data management (Big Data Management) and in the operation of data, to obtain excellent data for the company with algorithms of Data Mining and Machine Learning (Big Data Analytics), as well as to develop to command cadres with interactive visualizations and usables.


The development of versatile professionals is fomented, who develop to their innovating activity in the implementation of technologies of analysis and management of great data of different sectors, with simple incorporation to different surroundings from work and different profiles from specialization (computation for Big Data, analysts or scientists of data, Mining of Data). They will learn to program in R, Javascript and Python, and to store in Hadoop or data bases NoSQL. Some of the figures that are being created in the Big Data ecosystem: Chief Data Officer, Dates Architect and Data Scientist.

Big Data master goes a:

This directed to intermediate Managers, controls, businessmen and entrepreneurs and just licensed that needs formation in Big Data.


Program Big Data Master

The program approaches a multi-sector approach with different casuistries and organizational dimensions, with the learning of techniques of design and implementation and integration of Big Data solutions, to operate the internal and external, structured and unstructured information. Everything with infrastructures of datacenters (datacenters), and with an operative planning of the information within an analytical system, proposing the application of the audit of the information, and fomenting the possibilities of the analysis of mining of data, the monitoring of processes and the design of the information.

The student will learn a:

  • to process, to store and to accede to great amounts of data of formats varied and different structures
  • To operate, to organize and to analyze the information being extracted excellent conclusions to realise predictions
  • To identify new opportunities of business thanks to innovating products and services. For example, online business is a new trend these days. In order to maximize the opportunity, you can always use VPS hosting that will help you a lot to take web hosting advantages as much as possible from your website.


Teaching staff

The professors of the master are professional experts with ample experience of the sector.